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Pengo (bootleg)



PLD Information Credits Download View
Dump Method Target Device Location ID Status Creator(s) Tester(s) Files Pictures
Unlocked 82S153 IC3 Assumed Working Chaneman JEDEC
PCB has identical parts layout as an original SEGA pcb with the exception of an added 82S153 at location IC3 right above the main program roms.

This pcb can be modified to run
an unencrypted version of original
Sega game code by:

Removing the 82S153 PLD in location IC3 (used for decrypting the bootleg version) On the underside of the pcb at location IC3 solder jumper wires as follows:
Pin 12 to pin 19
Pin 13 to pin 18
pin 14 to pin 17
Pin 15 to Pin 16

Burn a new set of eproms with an unencrypted version of Sega Pengo code for locations:
IC7, IC8, IC14, IC15, IC20, IC21, IC31, IC32.