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PLD Dumping Method Legend:

  • Unlocked - The device was not secured and fusemap was read out in a programmer. These are usually untested but assumed working
  • Converted - The device was unlocked as the fusemap converted to a GAL device. Where possible both versions are included in a ZIP file
  • Bruteforced - The device was recreated by bruteforcing where all possible input states are asserted and all output states are logged
  • Recreated - The device was recreated by studying its operation, schematic, etc and manually creating a file
  • Handcrafted - File was made based on memory map or using a specific tool eg. cps1pal software
  • Undumped - The device was found on the PCB for was not dumped or recreated
  • Cracked - The device was sent to one of the many Chinese cracking services
  • Glitched - Some GAL devices can be power glitched to allow the fusemap to be read out