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Welcome to the PLD Archive. This wiki represents more than 15+ years of work from myself and likeminded others.
There will be some errors with the Wiki. If you find any or have any comments, fault reports or PLD files to submit then please do so using the Contact Me link in the side bar or using that big "Submit" button below.

All this work is available for free but everything does cost from hosting to acquiring new boards / PLD's to dump and equipment to dump them with. With this in mind, all donations are gratefully accepted

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If you have any files you wish to submit them please do so here.

Thank you

PLD Lists

   Arcade Hardware

List of all Arcade hardware that currently has content


List of test equipment. Not restricted to PLD's. Contains firmware, manuals and other files

   Computer & Consoles

List of computers & consoles that currently have content

   Pinball Hardware

List of Pinball machines with PLD dumps

   Fruit Machines

List of fruit machine PLD dumps


List of synthesizers with PLD's

Manufacturer Lists


List of PLD's found on CAPCOM CPS Hardware

   Irem PLD's

List of PLD's found on Irem Hardware

   Konami PLD's

List of PLD's found on Konami Hardware

   Midway PLD's

List of PLD's found on Midway Hardware


List of PLD's found on SEGA Hardware

   Taito PLD's

List of PLD's found on Taito Hardware

Other Lists


List of entries that have schematics available

   Undumped PLD's

List of hardware that has PLD's but for whatever reason one or more is not recreated

   Untested PLD's

List of hardware where PLD's have been recreated but are untested