Dumping Methods


27020 Adapter[edit]

This simple circuit design was released by Charles MacDonald many years ago and in one way or another is the basis for most of the combinatorial recreations that are currently out there. There are a number of free repositories out there now that offer the gerber files to make an adapter for your programmer .

LINK: [http://dreamjam.co.uk/emuviews/readpal.php]

Please note that Charles does not offer support for this process so please do not bother him if you are struggling to make this for work you. There are plenty of other people out there that can help in this area.


This is a much more involved process for making recreations and it supports registered devices too. This one isnt for the faint hearted and will require knowledge and patience to use.

Again the author of this tool does NOT offer support and you should not bother him about general usage of this device.

LINK: [https://github.com/DuPAL-PAL-DUmper]